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"Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." -Henry Sanders & Vince Lombardi

Did you “Rudy” that?

I read a great article on building employee morale in the March 2010 issue of Inc. Magazine…

The company is called Gentle Giant of Somerville , Massachusetts and they practice a morale building ritual of running 1,000 steps at Harvard Stadium for all new employees and the President of GG joins them every time. They cheer each other on and encourage each other to complete the challenging climb and they bond.  How simple and great is that idea? I love it!

Do you remember who Rudy Ruedicker is?

If not, he’s the main subject and character of a movie called Rudy about a young man who came from a blue collar family where none of his siblings or parents had gone to college and he had a dream and a lot of heart in his tireless pursuit of a college education and the ultimate goal of playing football for the fighting irish of Notre Dame. (All employees view this movie within the first few months of employment at GG).

Against all odds and out of sheer determination and perseverence, Rudy graduated from Notre Dame and played football there, too.  However, he had to figure things out along the way for himself.

When an employee at GG runs into trouble solving a problem, the manager routinely responds, “Did you Rudy that?

When’s the last time you went to your boss and asked for help with solving a situation with a client or with a team member? Did he or she tell you what to do or did they take it upon themselves to try and correct the situation for you? If they did either of these two things, they did not really help you. True, is seems like they made things easy for you right now. However, what about next week or next month or anytime in the future.  Do they believe you are capable of figuring it out for yourself?  Do you believe that you are capable of doing it? Do they respect you?,  and more importantly, do you respect yourself?

My point is simple. We all need to allow ourselves to make mistakes and figure things out even if it’s sometimes difficult to do.  Bosses are also guilty of forgetting to encourage their people to grow and evolve. How else can an organization become better? Their people must grow and evolve so the organization can also evolve.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Ask yourself and ask your people , “Did you Rudy that?” before you hand off  a challenging situation to anyone.

At GG, they have done a phenomenal job of building their people, their morale and their organization with a sports minded, team approach.

What will you do the next time you run into a challenging situation at work? Will you rise to the challenge or not? Why not ask yourself, “Did I Rudy that?

Make it happen!


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