Sales As A Contact Sport (SaaCS)

"Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." -Henry Sanders & Vince Lombardi

Do you have “Game”?

Do you have “Game”?

I read a great article this weekend about an exceptional high school athlete who’s work ethic and accomplishments are nothing less than inspirational. He’s a wrestler based on Long Island who is 44-0 this season and has 223 wins over his career so far.  These are very impressive statistics and his achievements are exceptional. Clearly, he did not wake one morning and become successful. He has consistently worked hard and smart to achieve his success and has persevered against many obstacles to achieve his goals. Napoleon Hill has called this a “Definiteness of Purpose”.

Here’s what the wrestler was quoted as saying in response to questions about his upcoming competition for the state championship as the top seed.

There are no guarantees, that’s why I wrestle every match like it’s my last“.

He also was quoted as saying, “No one is a lock to win. You have to go out hard and give it everything you have“.

This is what I am writing about. If you are going to be successful in work and in life, find a way to do whatever you do with a sense of purpose and passion and you have a chance to achieve your goals. The extent of your success has a lot to do with your preparation, work ethic, focus, tenacity and a written plan of action.

In the world of Sales, our Game Plan is also a written plan of action, which is very much like a Play Book,  with specific and deliberate action steps designed to act as a guideline or template for success. A ‘definiteness of purpose’ and a ‘written plan of action’ are the most basic requirements needed to achieve your goals.  Read that Action Plan every day, take action and stay on course, regardless of any obstacles you encounter.

Athletes often talk about how they never alter their game plan. EVER. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is or where the game is being played. One of the keys to success is remaining consistent, yet knowing how to adapt to different circumstances.

So, find out what you are passionate about and do everything you can to become the very best you can.

And, approach each battle as if it’s your last and begin living your life to the fullest.

Mike North


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Powerful Reminders for Smart People during Challenging Times

1.) We can all become better tomorrow than we are today.

2.) Every success that we experience, no matter how small, can and should serve to remind us that we are all forces to be reckoned with.

3.) Laugh often and find joy in everything that you do.

4.) Times may be tough. However, now’s the right time to take action.

5.) Build better and stronger relationships.

6.) Make lots of new connections. Network, Network, Network.

7.) The little things mean a lot. Take no one and nothing for granted.

8.) Maintain your integrity, become more committed and stay focused.

9.) Know that things will get better, so work hard and smarter while trying to not sweat the small stuff.

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